Our Time


My little finger filled your hand

Then pulled you up,

And helped you stand,

On your own feet,

And as you walked away

You turned, and looked at me that day

And smiled and winked as if to say

That you understood.


Yes, my little man

You understood

 My joy

My dread

My pride and my fear

My Desire that time could be contained

So that I might see this moment

Remain the same.

You, so small,

So content with our small world.

The yard, the tree

The wagon and me.


But you knew my anguish

And took my finger back

Into the softness of your hand

And as we walked through

That big brown gate together

I knew

That our journey

Had only just begun

My nightmare turned to daydream

And we just had fun

Then you fell

I picked you up

And we both grinned

Knowing that all was right

In our world


The Joy of Sorrow

If I could look at you once,

For only a moment

And know that I could never see you again

Be sure that I would look

Though my eyes might long forever

To find a vision so fair

I would take that risk,

Knowing that I will see your eyes

Reflecting in the mirror of my mind


And this picture that I see

Though bought with great pain

Was worth the price

For I would rather see you in my mind

Than to have never seen you at all


If I could touch you just once

And know

That I could never touch you again

Then touch you I would

And take that chance… with courage


For I know that each time I hold a child’s hand

Your hand is there,

Guiding my own

So that I might know

That in reaching for you in sorrow

I have touched another with joy


                                                 If I could love you but once, then love you I would

                                                 For I know…That love conquers all

                                                 And that your love shall live in me

                                                 For all my life

                                                 Though I might never be with you again


                                                  This chance I would take… without doubt or fear

                                                  For in my soul and in my heart

                                                  I know beyond knowing that you are with me


                                                   Because I chose to take that risk


                                                  And now I know that when my eyes cry

                                                   To see your face…you are my tears

                                                    Reminding me to see beauty in all things


                                                  When my hand reaches out for your hand

                                                   You remind me to touch others

                                                   So that they might know comfort

                                                   And when I long for your love

                                                   You remind me that

                                                   Love is around me always

                                                   And I know,

                                                   The Joy of Sorrow


The Swans Romance

May peace be the word of the ages

May love be the wine that we drink

As together we go through the pages

Of life’s book, and we both are the ink


So gently we touch

With passion we move

As the stars dance above

To the light of the moon


Our souls burn like fire

Our bodies held tight

Beneath whispering willows

We kiss in the night


With love as our pillow

No words can be said

We lay down together

The earth as our bed


For now we shall sleep

In the wakening sun

Our hearts beat together

As two

Become one


A Valentine Poem 2011


When I hear the softest notes within

The melody that is your voice

I‘m filled with adulation so

That if I could and had the choice

I‘d stop the motion of the sun

To make all time on earth stand still

And so forever hear your song

That stirs my heart

And makes me long

To hear these notes, eternally

That echo deep inside of me

And resonate into my soul

To bring me life and now I know,

That to my heart they are the key

To break the chains and so set free

This tune I’ve kept inside so long,

Unsung, unheard, this secret song

That now can blend in harmony,

And, with your voice, a symphony

For two we’ll play, beneath the stars

To soothe the fiery rage of mars  

And set the muses dancing on

The moonlit slopes of Helicon

Where loves’ warm fragrance fills the air

In olive groves and gardens fair.

And just as flowers born of spring

We feel our passion blossoming

Into sweet music filled with grace

And so together we embrace.

My heart is yours, my words, my songs

All my hopes and dreams belong

To you, if this your wish should be

To offer your antiphony

And let our voices blend as one

To never break or come undone

And sing, with heavens choir above,

The chorus of eternal love





Is the voice of God 


If we are to hear it  

We must be still 

If we are to understand it  

We must search  

In the quiet places 

                                                                                                  Of our hearts


This time, this place, this feeling 

Will happen just once in my life  

The still beauty of the sky 

The whisper of the willow 

The warmth of the sun 

The scent of the rose 

The effervescence 

Of all things 

  living In this time.  

I have but one chance  

To be in this moment. 

To feel this love.  

To feel this life. 

I will not let it  

                                                                                                  Pass me by

Let me carry your burden

So I that I may know your pain,

For in knowing your pain

I might understand you,

And in understanding

Lies the answer to our freedom. 

Share with me your sorrow,

So that I may shed tears on your behalf.

When I can cry for you, I can feel your suffering.

I can feel your fear,

Your anger, and your rage.

Only then can I accept it as truth.

Your truth. 

When I can accept your truth  

Without condition or judgment 

Then I can truly love you. 

                                                                                       Then we may live in peace


I have seen the glory 

Of the stars in the night sky  

And I call this “God”. 

You have felt the power of the

 Sun at first dawn… 

And you call this “God”. 

Your God and my God


Are one and the same. 

It is only our point of view  

That is different. 

Let us celebrate  

                                                                                                This difference


I sit in this place  

And savour  

The sweet essence of the new lilacs 

And listen to the laughing music  

Of the shimmering brook 

As it flows over stones  

That have been rounded by countless seasons. 

And I think… I know…that I hear your voice  

Blended as one with the water 

Though I know that you have long been parted  

From this place. 

I linger for a while and remember 

The time that we had …in this place. 

I smile, shed a tear 

                                                                                           And leave this place.