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Mark Battenberg is multi-disciplined Canadian Musician and Artist based in Toronto. He is a guitarist and composer of modern instrumental music, specializing in neo classical arrangement’s for solo acoustic guitar as well as small ensembles for classical guitar, cello, viola, flute and other traditional instruments. Marks compositions are inspired by natural and mythological themes, and are meant to carry the listener on a meditative journey of personal discovery, inviting the listener to share the emotions and experiences contained in each composition.

Mark is a strong believer in the power of music to heal and provide comfort from the sorrows of life which is reflected in the melodies and sensitive harmonies that are contained within his work.

His Live concerts are a blending of original musical compositions, meditations and poetry, with intricate stage settings and lighting that draw the audience deep into the mystic world of the artist. His use of ambient sounds, such as flowing rivers and singing birds create the experience of being in a deep twilight forest, while listening to the haunting musical creations that flow from his thoughts.

The Solstice concert series.

Mark is the producer and director of the Solstice Meditation concert series performed in the ne Gothic splendour of Kingston Road United Church, and are held as community celebrations of the summer and winter solstices. These events feature the finest examples of Marks work, presented with some of Toronto finest musicians as special guest performers. Everyone is invited to attend and bring food donations for those in need.
As a poet, Mark is not afraid to reveal his deepest emotions inviting his listeners to share in the joys and sorrows that are a part of the own life experiences.

He has two publications available on line. A Leaf in the Wind, poetry for modern times. And The Swans Romance Short Stories and Magical Meditations.Mark has been both a teacher and a student of the arts for most of his life. 


Peace of Life / River Spirit / Fire Dance, Morpheus the God Of Dreams, The Dream of Poseidon .. Working on The Descent of Helios, Compositions for Guitar and strings.

Some of his favorite collaborations have been with Shakuhachi Master Debbie Danbrook, Film composer Mark Korven, Cellist and conductor Dr.Andrew Ascenzo , TSO Cellist EdHayes,Toronto Opera Company Cellist Naomi Barron,Pianist Doctor David Powell, Virtuoso Cellist Kendra Grittani , Virtuoso Violist Julien Alttman and voice narrator Pep Duhaime. There have been many more. And more are still to come.

Teaching: Private Lessons

As a teacher I believe in the transformative power of creating music. Allowing our mind, body and soul to feel alignment with the harmonic vibrations that we create and share when we make music.

I encourage anyone, regardless of their skill level, to participate in musical study and performance. The path to personal growth and the overcoming of our own limitations through music and the arts is part of an endless journey of self discovery.

Mark is a graduate of Fansawe College for music production and has attended the performance masters classes at the RCM
He has taught at Scarboro School of music and presently teaches as a private instructor for all ages, including adult beginners