Mark Battenberg is producer, writer and performer of the River Spirit Meditations, an on-going concert series
 in Toronto featuring guest performers such as Debbie Danbrooke, Steve Raimon, and master hypnotist David Powell.

His latest album is Morpheus
Mark is the Producer of Pegasus Flight, a fund raising event for the Pegasus community project ,
that was M.C.'d by the Honorable Maria Minna MP, and featured Mark playing with shakuhachi flute master Debbie Danbrook . The next production will be April 14th/ 2012

His other works include Bassist and producer for the fusion band "Gone Fission ", which was  featured in the TD jazz series in Toronto and a released CD.
Mark is a professional guitar teacher and performance coach and will be releasing his fourth collection of guitar composition this fall.

Canadian Composer and Performing Artist Battenberg has studied the cello, upright bass, and acoustic guitar.

His professional career began in 1985.
He is a graduate of Fanshawe College's Music Production Program and has participated in

Performance Master Classes at the Royal Conservatory of Music.

His work has included: Audio Post Production for Film and Television
Live and Recorded Music Production
Live Concert Performances in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver
Three Seasons of The Beaches Jazz Festival
Guelph & London Folk Festivals
Charity Performances for World Accord
"Out of the Cold"
The Ontario Horse Foundation.